Product DENTMED 50x200 kraft bag

The sterilization roll has two different indicators for steam and gas sterilization, respectively, which indicate that sterile conditions have been reached. Made of opaque high-strength 60g/m2 paper and transparent polymer polypropylene/polyester multilayer film. The connection of the layers through the triple side thermal seams. Fully compliant with all international standards. The most important prerequisite for sterilization control is to monitor the sterility conditions inside the packages and the sterilizable items themselves. In addition to the chemical indicators placed in each package which are necessary to control sterility inside the package, the pouches and rolls themselves have special indicators for steam and gas sterilization respectively. This additional indication makes it possible to visually distinguish between sterilized and non-sterilized packages, thus eliminating the risk of mixing sterile and non-sterile packages. Rational and high-quality packaging has a direct impact on sterilization quality. The multi-layer polymer film, whose outer polyester layer provides resistance to high temperatures, and the inner polypropylene containing layers create excellent conditions for sealing bags while maintaining high tensile strength, together with a particularly thick medical paper ensure perfect sterilization and subsequent safe storage of the packaged sterile instruments.

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